Su’aiyid bin Hashim

The slave journey of a man from Kurdofan, Sudan to the Persian Gulf.

Su’aiyid bin Hashim was (1) born in Kurdofan, Sudan where he was then (2) kidnapped as a child by unknown men. He was then (3) taken to Mecca, Saudi Arabia and (4) sold there to Abdur Rahman bin Najim, a slave dealer. Abdur Rahman bin Najim then (5) sold Su’aiyid to a pilgrim and native of El Hasa in Saudi Arabia. Su’aiyid’s new master then took him from El Hasa to (6) Sharjah, UAE where he sold Su’ayid to Muhammed bin ‘Ali of Sharjah. After Muhammed bin ‘Ali death, his son, Abdull bin Muhammed bin Ali inherited Su’aiyid (7). Muhammed bin Ali, like his father, employed Su’aiyid as a pearl diver. However, Su’aiyid complained to the Muscat British manumitting authority that his master not only took all his earnings, but gave him insufficient maintenance (food), and treated him cruelly. Su’aiyid bin Hashim was thus (8) granted manumission at the Muscat, Oman office on October, 20th, 1937. His journey from the African continent across the Arabian Peninsula to the Persian Gulf is seen in the map below, and you can take a closer look of this journey below or here.