Zayyud bin Hasan

The slave journey of a man from the Swahili Coast to the Persian Gulf.

Zayyud bin Hassan took a different path than that of Su’aiyid and Maryam as can be seen in the map below. Rather than traveling from East Africa across the Arabian Peninsula as they did, Zayyud traveled along the Swahili Coast and Persian Gulf like thousands of other slaves did. His journey is important in that it represents the more familiar route of the East African slave trade. This route travels from the Swahili Coast, often times from Dar El Salam, Tanzania or other times Zanzibar, to port cities of the Arabian Peninsula. In the case of Zayud bin Hasan, he was (1) born in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania around 1856, and here he was (2) kidnapped as a child by inhabitants of Sur, Oman. The kidnappers (3) brought him to Las Al Khaimah, UAE where he was (4) sold Nasir bin Rashid al-Ali of Umm al-Quwai, UAE. His master (5) took him to Umm al-Quwai where Zayyud worked as a pearl diver at the Persian Gulf. He was enslaved by his master for approximately 60-65 years, and at 70 years old, Zayyud bin Hasan was finally (6) manumitted in Muscat, Oman citing his master’s ill treatment, insufficient maintenance of food and clothing, and his master’s confiscation of all his earnings. A closer look at Zayyud bin Hasan’s journey to manumission can be found here